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Why join The Breaking-TV Network?

Breaking-TV allows filmmakers to reach a worldwide TV audience and start earning money with their projects. 

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We broadcast our channel direct to Television. This means that your film will be available to a global TV audience. We also stream our content globally via our website so our viewers can watch and re-watch, anywhere and at any time with the Breaking-TV membership.

Via the Breaking-TV Film Festival, the best projects are selected to be showcased on the Breaking-TV network, filmmakers then get paid 50% of the applicable Purchase Price for Titles accessed via Digital Purchase or Digital Rental and 50% of the applicable Purchase Price for Titles accessed via Non-Breaking-TV membership.

For Titles made available for Breaking-TV membership, Breaking-TV will pay you £0.02 per view on a per-title basis (for standalone titles and seasons), based on the number Viewed by customers in the applicable Territory.

For our viewers the chance to discover unseen talent.

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